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Body Defence

Homeopathy boosts your body defence with its natural health care by improving the immune system to uproot the disease right from where it sprouts.

No Side Effects

Homeopathy leaves no room for any side effect to the human body. It serves well to infants, children, mothers and elderly persons.

No Matter What

All we prepare if of best quality

Al-Sehat Homoeo, Herbal & Nutraceuticals committed to raising standards of health care in Pakistan. At Al-Sehat we firmly believe in our slogan “for healthy life”. It is based on this belief that Al-Sehat Homoeo & Herbal Pharma in Pakistan, in alliance with the local clinicians, has forged a partnership to undertake measures to improve the standards of health care across Pakistan.

For maximizing efficacy of the medicines, stress is placed on using fresh herbs as far as logistically feasible. This involves heavy investment in infrastructure for procuring and processing herbs in bulk in season and storing the mother tinctures in sterile condition. no cost or effort is spared for ensuring this.

Seriously, we do
Unique Features
  • Best Quality
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Unique Formulas
  • Professional Herbalists
  • High Standard Production Plant
Notable Awards
  • Friendliest Group
  • Innovative Brand
  • Most Liked Company
  • Best In Class Products
  • Top Customer Support
Our Specialties
  • No Side Effects
  • Quality Raw Material
  • Use of Distilled Water
  • Extra Shrink Film Packing
  • Strictly Following The GMP Rules
Focus On
  • Easy Usage
  • Competitive Prices
  • Innovating Products
  • Improved Formulas
  • Customer Satisfaction

Suggested by Doctors




Easy to Take


Availability in Whole Pakistan


Recommend to Others


It’s time you regained
control over your disease

Homeopathy boosts your body defence with its natural health care by improving the immune system to uproot the disease right from where it sprouts. Homeopathy leaves no room for any side effect to the human body. It serves well to infants, children, mothers and elderly persons.

Also, the natural herbal formulas make your stomach, which is the main character in your body, strong and healthy by which you can enjoy all the foods of nature.



Gastritis, Influence, Indigestion, Dyspepsia



Acute & Chronic Constipation



Bloody and Blind Heamorrholds, Heamorrhoidel Flssures and Flstuals



Infections, Inflammation, Immunity Improver



 Ammenorrhoea, Dsymenorrhoea, Irregular Menses



Leucorrhoea and its after effects, Indigestion, Dsypepsia Flstuals



Acute and Chronic Cough, Congestion, Bronchitis



Sinusitis, Sneezing and Rhinitis

Our Quality Products

One Of The Leading Pharmaceutical Company In Pakistan

High Quality and Cost Effective Healthcare
Premium Standards

We believe to produce our medicines and herbal products at the premium quality production plants.
Highly Prescribed

Our all medicines are highly prescribed by all the doctors due to its effectiveness and easy usage.
Cost Effective

Our all the medicines and herbal products are available with high quality and of very low and competitive cost.
Wide Variety

We produce the medicines for almost all the diseases and have a wide variety of all products for everyone.

We have Strong R&D Capabilities

with Portfolio of Differential Products

Across Several Platforms.

We are a fast growing Pakistan’s pharmaceutical company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of homeo and herbal  pharmaceutical products globally.

Our products are available across all Pakistan

Our core strength lies in developing and manufacturing differentiated pharmaceutical products in-house, which we commercialize through our marketing infrastructure across geographies and relationships with national vendors.

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We are in Continuous  Production Process

For the making of innovative and effective medicines

After suffering from chronic fatigue for 6 years and trying everything from therapy to purge the body to computerized bioresonance systems, I had a chance encounter with the medicines of Al-Sehat Homeo and Herbal. They were able to tell me the primary reason for my fatigue. I owe a massive deal of gratitude to their superb medicine.

Rana KamranSEO Expert, WebSeoWiz

The homeopathic medicines of Al-Sehat made a big difference and I'm so very grateful to say that I rarely get headaches even let alone the migraines that used to mean I'd be sick, have to sleep and stay in a dark room (usually crying with the pain)!
Homeopathy is my first port of call for any ailment as I know how fast acting, beautifully subtle and healing it can be.

Farwah AliBusiness Advisor, Future Marketing

It just works! In spite of all the so called evidence against by the powers that be in the medical profession. Over the years, all the various homeopathic remedies I have taken and currently take have benefited me no end. I recommend homeopathy to all my family and friends.

Kashif MehmoodBanker

I went to the Dr about my rash (see first question)and was prescribed steroids orally and in a cream, a steroid/anti fungal cream and two types of anti histamines. They did not work. I used the medicine of Al-Sehat Homeo and my rash decreased daily until it cleared up completely.

Laeeq AhmedMarketing Manager, Brand You